"Some books are to be tasted and some to be chewed and digested."Books are the store house of knowledge that is why we provide spatial and up to date library with thousands of latest books,journals and periodicals,so that the individuals can sit in a comforable environment and make the maximum use of the library.

Well equipped,fully computerized multimedia library provides the latest and up to date reading material including journals.

To inculcate values in childern and to help in their holistic development,the library has an array of books on social issues as well as encyclopedias and world class reference books.Besides printed books and journals,it collections contains all forms of documents such as CD-ROMs, online database, audio video material standards,specifications,reports etc.

Vast reading rooms of library provide a conducive environment for complete concentration.

The library is the life line for the academic activity of the institute.

Besides Central library,every academic department is having its own departmental library containing the core collection required by the concerned department.

The core strength of the library lies on its online resources.College library has DEL-NET membership through which faculty members as well as students can have access to the required books or any article needed for research work from any library around the world,which is connected through his network,thus providing a new world of library network.

Library Rules

1. Students are allowed to use all the library facilities as per the institute rules.

2. Maximum two books can be issued to the students for a period of 14 days.

3. A fine of Rs.2 per day book would be charged for returning a book late after the due date.

4. The librarian may recall any book at any time,if necessity arises.

5. The students are not allowed to bring their personal books or bags inside the library.These are to be deposited at the checking counter at the entrance of the libary.

6. Borrowed libary materials should not be brought back into the library unless it is to be returned.

7. Make your entry before entering the library.

8. Reference books,rare books,periodical,magazines and dictionaries can be consulted in the library only.

9. The reader are advised to observe library timings and complete silence in the library.

10. Books issued from the library should be checked and used with care.In no case the books should be underlined/disfigured in any form,failing which the user shall be responsible for the replacement of the book to the satisfaction of the librarian.

11. The loss of books should be reported to the librarian before the due date of return otherwise usual fine will be charged till the information is given in writing.The borrower will be required either to replace the book with latest edition book with in 10 days of reporting of loss of book failing which twice the cost of the latest edition of book shall be recovered by the way of fine.

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