Applied Science

The Applied Science Department is one of the key departments as it lays the foundation of engineering. A strong base of physics and chemistry is essential for expertise in different fields in engineering. Mathematics is undoubtedly indispensible. English and CS are seminal in improving the vocal and writing skills of the students.

Diploma holders in Chemistry Laboratory are supposed to know about the chemical properties of various materials. For this purpose, it is essential that they should be equipped with knowledge and skill covering topics like solutions, acids, bases and salts, electrolytes, ionization, organic chemistry such as hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and enzymes etc., so as to enable them to perform various activities in a laboratory effectively. The students learn under the proper care and able guidance of distinguished lecturers and instructors. The assets of the chemistry lab include modern instruments which are in accordance with latest industry requirement trends. Students are made to work on latest experiments which are directly related to industry.

Applied Physics includes the study of diverse topics, all related to things that go on in the world around us. It aims to give an understanding of this world both by observing and by prediction of the way in which objects will behave. Concrete use of physical principles and analysis in various fields of engineering and technology are given prominence in the course content. The physics lab acquaints with the experiments based upon the fundamentals they learn in theory and in the lab they acquire by performing. The lab is adorned with the best infrastructure and apparatus.

Language is the most commonly used and effective medium of self-expression in all spheres of human life personal, social and professional. A student must have a fair knowledge of English language and be able to pursue the present course of study and handle the future jobs in industry. The objective of this course is to assist the diploma holders to acquire proficiency, both in spoken (oral) and written language. At the end of the course, the student will be able to develop comprehension, improve vocabulary, develop grammatical ability, enhance writing skills, correspond with others and enhance skills in spoken English and will be proficient enough to put his/her thoughts in a language in the interactive technical world.

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