Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is that branch of Engineering which deals with the study as how to design,manufacture and operate automobiles like buses,trucks,cars etc.and also their respective engineering subsystems.Our college has a total intake of 60 students in this discipline.This course caters to train the students to design,develop,manufacture and repair of automobile.With the expansion of automobile industries and increasing demand of vehicles and with the increasing concern for pollution and fuel efficiency,the demand for skilled professional has also increased considerably.Hence opening for a career in automobile engineering will be interesting as will as rewarding.

Various labs for providing in depth practical knowledge to the students of this discipline are:

Auto Engine - I & II Lab

Applied Mechanics Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Basic of Thermal and Hydraulic Engg.Lab

Elements of Electrical and Electronics Engg.Lab

Automobile Materials Lab

Auto Electrical and Electronics Lab

Chassis Body & Transmission - I & II Lab

Auto Repair,Maintenance and Driving Practice - I & II Lab

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) in Automobile Engg.Lab

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Hod Automobile Engineering
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