Computer Science and Engineering

The department aims at establishing strong relationship with the industry so as to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector.The department is committed to ensure life long learning attitude among its students.The overall objective of the department is to make students understand their professional as well as ethical values.The networking of the college is safe guarded by cyberam internet security system.The labs are equipped with cameras to ensure security in labs.

In addition to above,the final year students of our college are provided with a Project Lab having high ends DELL Intel processor desktops for their final year dissertations.Every student is made responsible for his/her equipment which is well used for the projects.All the students are free to configure and maintain their PCs according to their wishes and their needs.

Institution has a 32 MBPS speed dedicated Internet Lease line of Connect and is accessible for 24 hours.The Linux Server is connected through Wi-Fi to all the departments inculding office and library.This connectivity is established through high port switches with complete redundancy ensuring that the network is live at all instance.Nearly every contemporary software and developing platforms are made available here to the students so that they can learn them,use them and move shoulder to shoulder with the fast paced world of information technology at the same momentum.

The students and faculty members can access the Internet facility through 32 Mbps Lease line.College has its own mail server and mail accouns are given to all the student and faculty.College maintains its own website which is hosted in the college itself.

To meet the storage reuirements of the staff and students,department of CE has set up a data storage center with enormous storage capacity.This data storage center is equipped with latest Network attached storage servers (NAS) from HP.


Every lecturer has his/her own User Id and Password for Internet.

Every student has his/her own User Id and Password for Internet.

Space on server has been allocated.Lecturers can keep there important data on hard disk of the server.

Students are not allowd to use any media without checking by lab authority,to avoid virus problem.

Student are not allowd to play games on computers or surf any unauthorized sites.

If any student is caught damaging lab accessories,then he/she will be fined according to the damage and can be suspended by college authority.

Toppers List

5th Semester (2014)

1. 120826778832 Ravneet Kaur 10th Position

2. 120826228828 Navjot Kaur 11th Position

4th Semester (2013)

1. 110826208130 Ashish Jain 11th Position

2. 110826285881 Anupreet Kaur 11th Position

2. 110826227415 Sumandeep Kaur 17th Position

2. 110826208139 Gurminder Singh Cheema 18th Position

2. 110826227414 Lokesh Goyal 19th Position

5th Semester (2012)

1. 100826208097 Nikita Prashar 18th Position

4th Semester (2012)

1. 120826208109 Tarandeep Kaur 14th Position

2. 120826230862 Kamaldeep Kaur 19th Position

6th Semester (2012)

1. 100826226128 Ramandeep Kaur 17th Position

Technical Festival Details

1. 140826249917 Parminder Singh 3rd Position

2. 140826249929 Sukhmani Singh 1st Position

2. 140826249906 Jaspreet Singh 1st Position

Simranjeet Singh
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