Electronics and Communication Engineering Department was established in Auguest 2006 i.e.right from the inception of the college.ECE is about electronic cmponents,integrated circuit and microprocessors and consists of design,fabrication,test,maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment.This branch of Engineering has a key place in the field of Computers,Information Technology,Electrical,Power System Operations,Communication Systems etc.Considering the requirements, the department has set up many laboratories in various areas of Electornics & Communication Engineering in order to provide a very good practical training platform to the students.These laboratories are upgraded and modermized from time to time with funds both from the Institute as well as from the sponsored projects.The Primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education,training and research at the undergraduate level in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering with broad emphasis on design aspects of the electronic systems.


Microprocessor,Microcontroller and PLC's Lab:These two form the heart of any processing device such as computer,mobile phones,PDA etc.The lab is intended to make the students learn the architecture,programming and interfacing of these devices.The lab lay down a strong foundation on which the students develop the projects.We have a XELTEK universal programmer to program the ICs.Early automation systems were mechanical in design,timing and seqquencing.But now a days automation is controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC's).This lab includes practicals of Microprocessor 8085 and advanced Microprocessor 8086.

Measurements & Instrumentation Lab:

This lab helps to gain an understanding of measurement and instrumentation i.e.correct handling of significant figures and uncertainties while dealing with instrumentation systems.It has all the necessary equipments to cover the course contents that includes practicals related to Electronics,Instrumentation and Measurements.

Electronc Devices & Circuit Lab:

The lab provides the foundation of Electronics Engineering.It aims at providing students the knowledge about various electronic devices.Students are made familiar with the electronic circuits and their intended use in various applications.It also enables the students to learn about the use of transistors in analog circuits like power amplifier,multistage amplifier operational amplifier,voltage regulator and various IC's.

Communication Systems Lab:

Today the electronic engineers are faced with tomorrow's problems.Communication lab is the leading and emerging subject to privide practical quality and reliable education to students which includes practicals related to Digital Communication.Analog Communication,Fiber Optics Communication,Microwave and Radar Lab.

Medical Electronics Lab:

A large number of electronic components are being used in hospitals for patient care or to carry out advanced surgeries.So we have provided a medical electronics lab which includes ECG machine,Bedside Monitor and other equipments to enable the students to learn about them.

Basic Electronics Lab:

This lab help in providing the knowledge of fundamental concepts of basic electronics and also provides the students with basic understanding of P-N junction conductors,diodes,need of rectifiers in electronics and understanding of FET's and MOSFET etc.

Power Electronics Lab:

This lab helps to gain an understanding of principles of various power electronic eqquipments,Power electronic equipments have wide applications in process control industry.It enabkes the students to learn about the working of SCR,DIAC,TRIAC,UJT,MOSFET etc.

Consumer Electronics Lab:

A large number of electronic gadgets/googds/devices like audio amplifiers,CD systems,TV,VCR, and other items like digital clocks,calclators,microwave oven,photostat machines etc.are used.This lab helps in understanding the working of all the above mentioned equipments.

Network Filters and Transmission Lab:

Networks,Filters and Transmission lines lead to understanding of line,audio,video and microwave communication.The study of networks deals with principles of A.C.theory and introduces the student to parameters and characteristics of various networks including filters.The study of transmission lines becomes important as its analogy is used in the study of transmission of plne EM waves in bounded media.

Electrical Machines Lab:

This lab includes the practicals related to Electrical Machines and Basic Electrical Engineering.It covers various electrical eqquipments like Synchronous motor,Single and three Phase transformers,DC Motor,Shunt motor to perform speed control method i.e.Armature control and Field control.

Major Project Lab:

This lab has been established for encouraging the students for inculcating practical lnowledge of electronic components and using those components in making their projects.Various minor and major projects have been made by students.

Major Equipments:

Optical Fiber Communication Bench

ECG Machine


Microcontroller and Microprocessor Kit

Bedside Minitor kit

Logic Analyzer

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Microwave Bench

Wireless and Mobile Communication

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