Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering discipline involves the application of principles of physics for analysis,design,manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.It requires a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics,kinematics,metrology,material science,thermodynamics,fluid mechanics and energy.Mechanical engineers use the core principles as well as other knowledge in this field to design and analyze motor vehicles,aircraft,heating and cooling systems,watercraft,manufacturing plants,industrial equipment and machinery,robotics,medical devices and more.This department has been long recognized for the high quality of its academic program.The department of Mechanical Engineering at BBSBPC,FGS is continuously striving to achieve excellence in education by providing academic and industry oriented knowledge.The department started functioning in 2006 right from the inception of this prestigious institution.The objedctive of this programme is to prepare the manpower that is globally best.Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest department of the institute with an annual registration of 120 fresh students.

The Department,acknowledge for its excellence,ensures that the laboratories are well-equipped for contemporary engineering education,research and project work.Students learn the foundations and the most advanced technologies in mechanical engineering through mechanical labs.The experimental,computational and related facilities available in the department are located in the following Laboratories.

Mechanical Engineering

Applied Mechanics Lab

Computer Applications in Mechanical Engg.Lab

Elements of Electrical and Electronics Engg.Lab

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

CNC Machines and Automation Lab

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Lab

Thermodynamics Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Metrology and Instrumentation Lab

Automobile Engineering Lab

Jagdeep Singh Gill
Hod Mechanical Engineering
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